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Bison Land

Fly Bison Bill up in the air, it won't be so easy to avoid the web of spurs and collect all the hay bales Bison Bill wants.


Ele N Dragons

Mama Ele and calf Bobu were going on their daily walk when Zushkin arrived in the city and threatened to burn it down.



Collect toys!

Box them!!

Ship them!!!





We foster a fun loving casual environment and enjoy playing and making games together. To join our team:

Ask yourself: Are you a robot or a human?

If you answered human then game over. High score: 0

But in the case of a robot, here are your objectives:

1. Send us your resume and start learning binary.

2. Wait for a new position to open up (hint: it will be soon)

3. We will contact you.


About Us

Game.A.Ton Labs is place where some really fun games are made and published for mobile devices. Besides having a great team, we also have two robots, Boxour and Robit, who work tirelessly making games and drinking endless pots of coffee. We are primarily located in Northern Colorado with rest of the team spread out across US.

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